Week 3 – Couldn’t care more

Couldn’t care more

Would it make you feel sore
if I showed you the door?
the bald truth, sir
is I couldn’t care more

I can only infer
– and your actions concur –
that you cannot decide
which of us you prefer

It’s a good game you tried
but I fear that my pride
will hold me at home
take her for your ride

Life’s lessons have shown
that I’m safer alone
since the splendour of love
is a murky, grey zone

A match made above
like a hand and a glove
is a nice dream I’m sure
but when push comes to shove

I’m afraid love’s a bore
and I wish I’d the cure
for the simple and pure truth is
chilling and ruthless
your flaws are fourscore

And I couldn’t care more


VP 18th Jan 2017, Graz

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