Week 6 – Turning in Amsterdam

Turning in Amsterdam

Sepia fairyland
where giants stride or sailing, ride
on frames fit for nostalgia
carelessly dangling flowers

Reflected browns from anxious houses
jostling for space, they race
to be thinnest
Muted blocks of hue
assailed by spirals
the steepest stoops

Clockwork streets
Radial tramcars keep the beat – the pulse
red narrowcells chug
Punctually pumped
through arterial canals

Evening’s glow
an intermittent rose
Snaking tendrils, alien fug
Faces flurried rush by missing
the shy table for two

As always the urge
to move and learn
to stay and start
blend and be,
A familiar yearning

But home awaits
for now.

VP 6th Feb 2017, The Netherlands

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