Week 13 – Loneliness


A poem speculating about an extreme formĀ of isolation


Sometimes I feel
I could be
the only living mind
in existence.

Logically I know
about the human
in the next seat
but its presence
leaves no imprint
on my actuality

What if it were all a show?
Layered characters
textured interactions
finely detailed scenes
all created
just for me

Everything else
the world, the cosmos
a blurry backdrop
painted over the blanks
curtaining the void

My life is a journey
through meticulously fabricated
film sets
I should not spy too closely
lest I spot
The chinks
The inconsistencies
The fourth wall.

But if all of that is true,
who made this world
for me?

Is there another mind?
A creator?
The hands to my marionette?

Maybe there is no other.

What if I made all this
for myself

VP 28th Mar 17, Graz

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