Week 19 – Wild Ride


A descriptive poem, dedicated to those people who – in different ways – cannot help but make an impression.

Wild Ride

There’s a girl with lion’s hair
at my stop

She stares, dreaming
through the treetops
her head looks
like it’s been dragged across
an imaginary savannah

her invisible mane
swathes four chairs.
A fierce, unseen shield
sheltering her lair.
Wide-eyed wildebeests
unconsciously shy away
taking seats elsewhere.

Her powerful gaze
patiently grips
the door
Yawning, she expands her jaw
Teeth like curved shells
Hypnotised, I’m caught
a gazelle
in headlights

We stop.
She leaps off.
The shimmering heat haze
is gone,
is suddenly
a commonplace commodity.


VP 12th May 17, Graz



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