Week 25 – Lovebite

A song (think 3/4 rhythm) about the opposing passion and violence inherent in a lovebite.



Weather that’s too hot by half
but she wears a scarf
it clashes with the faraway
dream in her eyes
we can surmise
that she’s hiding a lovebite

She doesn’t look like the kind,
like someone you’d find
alive between the pages of a
steamy romance
enacting that dance
evident in her lovebite

Aren’t we all slightly inflamed to observe
these expressions of violence arisen from love
an ugly yet riveting mark on the skin
a blush that announces the feelings within

It’s hard to penetrate her thoughts
was it a short,
sweet attack or a pact that dragged on
through the years
passion and tears
are compiled in a lovebite

Something so captivating there
that mark on her neck
can it be that we’re all just a
little in awe
conclusions we draw
what’s behind of a lovebite

Isn’t it sassy and daring to show
how someone you love has discoloured you so
The girl disappears but the image remains
an icon of love that will linger for days.



VP 15th Jul 17, Graz

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