Week 26 – Missing the tide


An ocean without a tide and big waves doesn’t seem like a real sea to me


Missing the tide

I was weaned on racing tides
and wild waves
whether England, Éire or Wales
my North Atlantic never failed
to exhilarate.

In comparison, the baltic sea
seems to me a poor thing
revolving in place; impotent, prissy
powerless to touch me, unless I allow it
like a cowed man in a matriarchy
waving from a distance, waiting for me to take the plunge.

I prefer to be pursued. My favourite game was always chicken
partnered by the ocean, who pretended to lie low,
then drenched me with a humdinger
seven times as big.

This suitor hesitates
as if there was a big weight holding him back
and though he’d like to rush forth
the baggage impedes
so instead he just struts loudly
and makes excuses.


15th July 2017, Graz


One thought on “Week 26 – Missing the tide

  1. I like this a lot. I understand very much about the tides. However, I can’t quite get the last verse – it sort of makes sense but it’s not clear for me and it seemed like a sudden jump from talking about the excitement engendered by “dicing with death (ie. a wetting) and then suddenly it’s about a man – or is it? Sorry I didn’t get the connection.


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