What is this?

How it started
Being a person fascinated with language, I have often been known to pause and savour a word or phrase. No-one appreciates an adroit use of alliteration or a myriad of multiple opposing meanings more than I.

This writing lark started one day in the not-too-distant past when I had the urge to have a go at writing a poem. Why not? I’d written song lyrics before. Surely it wasn’t all that different? Giving in to this impulse, I tried, and the results weren’t as bad as I feared. With more refining, they could even be something to release into the virtual ether.

Why the weekly challenge
Time went on and I made a few more attempts. However, it became plain that, unlike (I imagine) some lucky people, these poems do not simply leap out of my mind and magically embed themselves into a (real or virtual) page. They need time and space and require coaxing and nurturing into being. Most often, they need a prompt or an active intention of “and now I’m going to write a poem”. But being the procrastinator I am, this “poem-writing time” failed to enter itself into my weekly schedule. A more active approach was required.

Past experience has shown deadlines to be a good motivator, so why not the challenge of writing a poem each week? By the end of the year this should result in a collection of 52 poems. Of varying quality to be sure, but immeasurably better than 52 blank pages.

So this is the challenge I have set myself. Will I succeed? Only the weeks to come will show. Join me on this journey and please share any thoughts you have about the poems or anything else. Feedback and random comments welcome!